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Crescent Enterprises, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Crescent Group, has wide and diversified operations and interests in a multitude of industries, including Ports and Logistics, Aviation, Real Estate and Construction, Project Implementation, IT Commerce, Mineral Processing, Healthcare and Private Equity.

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  • 10 December 14
    Crescent Enterprises has announced that it will convert its equity stake in Gama Aviation, a global business aviation services organisation, into shares in Gama Aviation Plc - the company formed by the recent merger between Gama aviation and Hangar 8. Subject to completion in early January, the enlarged public entity will list with an expected market capitalisation of £130 million ($200 million) on the London Stock....

  • 9 December 14
    Gama Aviation plans to widen its presence at Sharjah International Airport, UAE, next year with heightened engineering capability and a commitment to build a new hangar to serve the influx of based and visiting aircraft at its new Sharjah fixed base operation (FBO)...

  • 5 December 14
    Gama Aviation (Stand 470) added two aircraft to its managed fleet this year and is planning a new hangar for maintenance and storage. Gama has seen a windfall from operators leaving Dubai International Airport (DXB) due to the shortage of slots for business aviation at that airport. Today, Gama has eight aircraft under management and two on charter. ...

  • 26 November 14
    Air BP is ramping up its presence at Glasgow (GLA) through an integrated relationship with Gama Aviation. Air BP will provide Gama Aviation clients and all Air BP Sterling Card holders at the Glasgow location starting on 1st December 2014. The new business aviation service will be offered at Gama Aviation’s Executive Aviation Terminal (FBO) that opened in November 2013.....

  • 25 November 14
    A documentary tracking the production of a charity song and music feature, featuring legendary Grammy Award-winning music producer Quincy Jones, is set to stage its world premiere at the Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF) on December 17. ‘Bokra The Film’, presented by Global Gumbo Group (G3), traces the development and production of ‘Tomorrow-Bokra’ and includes behind the scenes footage filmed in Morocco and Jordan.....

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Crescent Enterprises has a diversified investment portfolio consisting of various related and non related industries, enabling high Return On Investments and steady cash flows.

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