As an internal incubator for start-ups spanning a wide range of sectors and industries, CE-Ventures conceives and develops businesses that generate a sustainable social impact.

A laboratory for social entrepreneurship

CE-Ventures operates with a conscious ambition to address complex niche problems that exist in our communities whilst aiming for potential scale, profitability, and measurable impact.

Incubated businesses

Kava & Chai is a homegrown, global standard coffeehouse brand that projects Arab culture and traditions surrounding tea and coffee in a positive and intimate way.

Coffeehouses have historically been associated with great ideas and shared experiences. In Constantinople, Cairo, and Mecca, the world’s original coffeehouses hosted preachers and poets, politicians and storytellers.

Kava & Chai is a coffeehouse that brings people together in an intimate setting to socialise, exchange ideas, and experience a cultural treat.

Shamal is a venture focused on developing the next generation of specialised industrial clothing. Its products will represent an innovation carefully designed to cater to construction workers in the GCC region and potentially other similarly hot and humid climates around the world.

A huge number of construction projects are taking place in the GCC region. However, much of the workwear available is unsuited to the climate. The need to develop clothing specially designed for the challenging weather conditions of the region was imperative.

Shamal is adopting and adapting innovations in textile technology and developing workwear specifically suited to the needs of workers in the GCC region’s construction industry. In so doing, Shamal aims to enhance both safety and productivity.

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