Funding and supporting start-ups across the MENA region

CE-Ventures and Sharjah Entrepreneurship Center (Sheraa) are keen to listen to the voices of the MENA start-up community. A start-up focused survey, to be carried out amongst the 1,000-strong Sheraa community of start-ups and entrepreneurs, will help shed light on the challenges they are facing in a bid to identify support required, gauge investor sentiment, and highlight other areas of importance. The survey findings will offer timely insights to key decision-makers and other stakeholders into the needs of the entrepreneurial and start-up ecosystem in the region.

In parallel, CE-Ventures and Sheraa will identify key start-ups from the Sheraa community that are seeking short-term funding to overcome the challenges posed by COVID-19. Following an eligibility evaluation, including business continuity plan reviews and sustainability audits, selected start-ups will receive funding from CE-Ventures and Sheraa.

Sheraa is dedicated to fuelling a new generation of entrepreneurs while cementing Sharjah’s position as an entrepreneurship hub for the region. Crescent Enterprises has partnered with Sheraa since 2016 to launch a dedicated social entrepreneurship track.

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