Raising a new generation of filmmakers

For the third consecutive year, Crescent Enterprises supported the Sharjah International Children’s Film Festival. This event emphasises the influence that the arts can play in changing perceptions and in positively shaping the lives of young people through exposure to other cultures and traditions.

Promoting cultural understanding through art

To increase international cultural awareness about the Arab world, and to showcase Arab talent, Crescent Enterprises sponsored the Arabian Sights Film Festival, which is presented by the Washington, DC, International Film Festival. The Arabian Sights Film Festival highlights quality cinema directed by young talent from a region often overlooked by mainstream American theatres. It is a dynamic event, with select directors present at their screenings to lend insights to the filmmaking process.

Save The Children's Heart Programme

Over 4,000 children and 400 mothers across the Middle East were given the opportunity to participate in Healing and Education through the Arts (HEART), a collaborative venture between Save the Children and Crescent Enterprises’ subsidiary, Global Gumbo Group (G3), made possible by funds raised from sales of G3’s hit charity single, ‘Tomorrow-Bokra’. The unique initiative gives children affected by chronic stress and poverty a platform to heal through artistic processes, allowing them to express motions, develop resiliency, and learn through creative activities that incorporate math, language, history, and science. As an extension of the partnership, at the Dubai International Film Festival, G3 premiered, ‘Bokra The Film’ a documentary that takes viewers on a journey across the Middle East with behind the scenes footage of the song’s creative process and the inspiring stories showcased through the development and success of HEART.

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