Objective: Supporting creativity and cultural understanding through art.

In 2019

28,000 Participants in Film Festivals

18,980 Female Participants in Film Festivals

9000 Schools exposed to inspirational films

Raising a new generation of filmmakers in partnership with Sharjah International Children Film Festival

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Sharjah International Children Film Festival brings international films and new media content to the youth and children in the region to develop their creative skills. At the same time, it also promotes cultural diversity, peace and tolerance among the children. For the fourth consecutive year, Crescent Enterprises is a strategic partner of the Sharjah International Children’s Film Festival.

Results: 28,000 community members including children attended the 2018 edition of the festival to view 138 movie screenings and participate in interactive panel discussions, workshops, celebrity meet-and-greets, innovative competitions and other activities. 73 percent of the participants were female. 9,000 schools were exposed to creative and inspirational films.

Promoting cultural understanding through art in partnership with the Arabian Sights Film Festival

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The Arabian Sights Film Festival was last held in Washington DC in October 2018, supported by Crescent Enterprises. Organised over two consecutive weekends, the festival showcases finest selection of films emerging out of the Arab world. These films portray many social, political, religious, economic and familial issues relevant to the Arab region, offering insights into the cultural heritage and diversity of the region. These films are also instrumental in breaking the stereotyped images of the region by presenting the complex realities and issues being faced by Arab Society.

Results: The film festival hosted more than 2,000 people in 2018. In addition, two free programmes were offered, El Gusto and ASWAT: Short Films by and About Arab Women. ASWAT featured seven new short films, highlighting the growing participation of women in the film industry. All the films and special events were appreciated immensely by the audience.

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