With a clearly structured and increasingly integrated corporate governance system that forms the basis for our operations and control processes, we constantly strive to enhance trust amongst our employees as well as all our stakeholders.

Distinct levels of authority have been defined to ensure a balanced governance approach is applied to the operations and management of Crescent Enterprises and its group of companies.

Executive Board

Our Executive Board oversees our activities and those of our operating businesses. It performs strategic reviews, assesses capital resources, and approves key investments.

Investment Committee

The Investment Committee reviews and approves certain investments, divestments, joint ventures, and other strategic partnerships, and reports into the Executive Board.

Sustainability Committee

Our Sustainability Committee develops and oversees the implementation of our sustainability roadmap, monitors progress, and drives awareness and the uptake of sustainability at all levels of the organisation.

Corporate Citizenship Committee

Our Corporate Citizenship Committee develops and monitors the implementation of a disciplined approach to achieving our corporate citizenship goals and objectives.

Human Resources Committee

The Human Resources Committee manages all employee-related policy matters, in alignment with our pledge to the UN Global Compact to provide safe and fair working conditions. Ensuring full compliance with our Code of Conduct is a primary role of this committee.

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