ION Partners with University Hospital Sharjah To Provide Sustainable Logistical Solutions

ION Partners with University Hospital Sharjah To Provide Sustainable Logistical Solutions

ION is using its electric fleet to serve the hospital with transportation and logistics services


UAE-based sustainable mobility solutions provider ION, announced a partnership agreement today with University Hospital Sharjah to use ION’s fleet of electric vehicles to provide sustainable transportation services for its medical logistics and transportation needs across the Emirate. The agreement signed between the two entities, comes as part of ION’s remit to support the community by providing transport & delivery solutions that are sustainable and innovative.

Trips are being conducted using ION’s electric vehicles and drivers, who also provide ride-hailing services in the Emirate. These include patient and medical staff transportation, in addition to deliveries and distribution solutions, with plans to expand ION’s offerings to meet future demand.

Established to promote sustainable modes of transport and green mobility solutions in the region, ION is a joint venture between Bee’ah and CE-Creates, the business incubation platform of Crescent Enterprises. ION offers electric vehicle ride-hailing services and manages and operates autonomous shuttle services as part of its dedication to spearheading the provision of accessible and sustainable transport solutions.

Commenting on the new service, HE Khaled Al Huraimel, Group CEO of Bee’ah and Chairman of ION, said: “ION was established as a forward-thinking company that provides cleaner alternatives to the current transport offerings. We believe strongly in helping the community through social impact initiatives, and we are happy to create new value by adding our fleet of electric vehicles to provide logistical services. Through our agreement with University Hospital Sharjah, ION is performing an essential service for the healthcare industry with efficiency, safety and sustainability in mind.”

Samer Choucair, Director, CE-Creates, said: “From the outset, ION has been helping alleviate the impact of COVID-19 through the deployment of its electric vehicle fleet serving the medical community in Sharjah and beyond. We remain committed to empowering our healthcare heroes and communities during these complex times, while contributing to environmental conservation.”

Dr. Ali Obaid Al Ali, CEO of University Hospital Sharjah, added: “Together with our distinguished team of healthcare professionals, we continue to maintain the highest standards of service as we safeguard the health of communities in Sharjah. By utilizing ION’s sustainable transport solutions, we are enhancing the quality and efficiency of our services while easing healthcare access to residents and healthcare professionals across the Emirate.”

As part of the agreement with University Hospital Sharjah, ION has also developed an on-demand ride hailing and dispatch solution for transportation and deliveries. It is also maintaining all shipment records, with dedicated supervisory support and a platform dashboard to monitor daily progress. In keeping with stringent safety standards, ION disinfects its vehicles before and after each journey, and its drivers have been trained on health and safety protocols.

ION, with its mandate to promote green mobility solutions in the region, is bringing about a positive shift in attitude towards the use of sustainable modes of transport while contributing to the UAE’s endeavours to reduce traffic growth and congestion and improve air quality.

The company is providing more efficient and environmentally friendly means of transport, as well as facilitating greater electric vehicle mobility in the country. Earlier this year, ION partnered with the Sharjah City Municipality (SCM), and Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority (SEWA) to supply, install and operate public electric vehicle charging stations across the city of Sharjah, to support the current electric vehicle network and future electrification of the UAE’s transport sector.

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