Committed to creating lasting value for all stakeholders, we have embedded sustainability across our operations and monitor key sustainability performance indicators to help us expand our social, governance, and environmental impacts.

Ananth Achanta

Director, Accounts

Sustainability at Crescent Enterprises

The intrinsic connection between the economy, society, and environment requires organisations to transition to a holistic approach that integrates sustainability into their business model. Crescent Enterprises believes that operating in a socially and environmentally responsible manner is not just an ethical obligation—it also makes business sense.

We recognise that the ‘profit’ of the company and the ‘purpose’ of its existence are inseparable, and we have integrated sustainability across three levels:

  • In our operations – by running a responsible, efficient, and profitable business;
  • In our investment decisions – by strengthening the integration of ESG principles and parameters into our investment processes; and,
  • With our stakeholders – by creating long-term value for our stakeholders, including the communities around our areas of operations and society at large.

Adopting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

As a responsible company, we believe the private sector has a pivotal role to play in supporting the global and regional ambitions laid down by the SDGs. As 2020 ushers in the ‘Decade of Action’ for the delivery of Goals by 2030, Crescent Enterprises endeavours to help solve global challenges through investment and collaboration by establishing linkages between the SDGs and its overarching business, as well as the portfolio companies and investments of its four platforms.

We have incorporated feedback from multi-stakeholder engagements to redefine the key risks and opportunities as well as the positive and negative impact areas associated with the value chains of our operations and those of our companies, which enables us to better understand our contributions to the SDGs and prioritise our efforts. This year, we have developed provisional SDG frameworks for our four platforms. These frameworks include the material SDGs for each platform, impact areas, and associated KPIs. We are in the process of identifying and setting goals and targets that we aim to finalise by the next reporting cycle.

Steps to assess SDG linkages of the operations and investments of Crescent Enterprises


The following table represents a snapshot of the contribution to the SDGs from the operations and investments of Crescent Enterprises.

Enhancing reporting

We have voluntarily reported on our environmental and social performance and that of our operating subsidiaries since 2013.

A sustainability agenda should be supported by relevant targets and an accountability mechanism to reach its full potential. We are working on defining concrete sustainability targets aligned with the prioritised SDGs and frameworks for our operations and investments. Crescent Enterprises believes that this ongoing focus on the SDGs and the creation of tracking metrics will enhance its ability to contribute to the realisation of the Global Goals during the ‘Decade of Action’ leading to 2030.

Evolution of Crescent Enterprises’ corporate reporting journey

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