Strategic Objectives Arabic

Today’s rapidly changing world is experiencing structural shifts and global megatrends such as evolving demographics, technological breakthroughs, and unprecedented public health challenges, which are having a transformative impact on the global economy, businesses, and society. These changing conditions favour businesses that are nimble and possess a resilient business plan with clear organisational goals and sustainable targets.

We understand the implications of the evolving business landscape for our vision of building a diversified group of companies and we aim to address them throughout our decision-making process from operational agreements and new investments, to start-up development initiatives, and community engagement. A shared commitment to sustainability, sound corporate governance principles, and responsible business practices fortify the foundation of the operating and investment strategies of Crescent Enterprises.

Responsible investing

We believe in cultivating robust, lasting partnerships with and maximizing long-term value creation for our stakeholders. We maintain an open, collaborative dialogue with our partner companies and ventures to help us collectively deliver optimal impact. Through our participation on their respective Boards and select committees, we monitor our partners’ progress and performance to provide them with strategic and operational guidance, market and financial intelligence, and promote best-in-class corporate governance standards.

The five-step evaluation process we follow to examine every investment opportunity underpins our responsible investment strategy. We assess the business plan and growth strategy of the opportunity to identify both the potential value creation benefits and the underlying risks it presents, as well as its ESG fit. Our commitment to sustainability extends to our portfolio ownership and management practices. We weigh both ESG criteria and financial risks and returns throughout the entire investment process, from the identification of new opportunities to the closing and subsequent management of our subsidiaries, affiliates, and investments.

Our ESG principles and parameters focus on the following:

  • Ensuring ESG considerations are incorporated into our investment evaluation and decision-making processes, active ownership practices, and ongoing reporting activities
  • Taking a balanced view of the broad ESG consideration and risks
  • Considering our ethical obligations in all business conduct, including anti-money laundering, anti-corruption, and anti-bribery
  • Encouraging our four platforms, subsidiaries, affiliates, and investments to support community activities
  • Ensuring constant development of HR policies and practices that empower all employees and create objective criteria to measure their competence and performance
  • Reducing the environmental impact of our company’s activities by promoting reduction of water and energy consumption, waste recycling, and minimal use of paper.
  • Promoting the adoption and dissemination of ESG principles among subsidiaries, affiliates, and investments
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