Generating health and education solutions in Palestine

The health and education sectors have been hard hit by the COVID-19 crisis. To alleviate the impact on these essential sectors, we pledged USD 10,000 in prize money to support Gaza Sky Geek’s first virtual hackathon in Palestine during April. As part of our support, we are also providing participants and members of the organisation with mentorship, a webinar on economic resilience, and complimentary subscriptions to Harvard Business Review (HBR) Arabia.

In partnership with the World Health Organization, UNICEF, and UNFPA, the virtual hackathon gathered the brightest minds to develop solutions for health and education challenges caused by COVID-19. The event engaged more than 1,000 participants across 134 teams, out of which four teams have achieved wins.

A Google for Startups tech hub partner, Gaza Sky Geeks represents the leading co-working space, start-up accelerator, and technology education hub in Gaza.

In parallel, CE-Ventures and Sheraa will identify key start-ups from the Sheraa community that are seeking short-term funding to overcome the challenges posed by COVID-19. Following an eligibility evaluation, including business continuity plan reviews and sustainability audits, selected start-ups will receive funding from CE-Ventures and Sheraa.

Sheraa is dedicated to fuelling a new generation of entrepreneurs while cementing Sharjah’s position as an entrepreneurship hub for the region. Crescent Enterprises has partnered with Sheraa since 2016 to launch a dedicated social entrepreneurship track.

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