Actively supporting operations across strategic sectors

Crescent Enterprises is a multinational company headquartered in the United Arab Emirates. It operates under four platforms: CE-Operates, CE-Invests, CE-Ventures, and CE-Creates, which span diverse sectors including ports and logistics, power and engineering, food & beverage, business aviation, and across verticals such as private equity, venture capital, and business incubation.

With a long-term investment and operating philosophy that embraces corporate governance, inclusive growth, and responsible business practices, Crescent Enterprises is a regional leader in growing diversified global businesses that are sustainable, scalable, and profitable.

About us Crescent Enterprises

We aspire to build a diversified group of companies that transcend geographic and cultural borders while striving for inclusive leadership, global competitiveness, and shared value for all of our stakeholders.

Badr Jafar

Chief Executive Officer
Badr Jafar

Spreading operational excellence and driving sustainable economic growth globally.


Driving enhanced performance and differentiated returns through long-term, impact-driven strategic investments.


Empowering exceptional entrepreneurs by investing in high-growth, value-driven businesses.


Creating, nurturing and scaling businesses built on strong foundations of social purpose.

We are guided by core values centred on integrity, responsibility, and sustainability, which are characterised by our adoption of a long-term and inclusive approach emphasising growth, innovation, and operational excellence.

Ravi Kumar

Executive Director

Our values

Diversity and Inclusion

Respect cultural diversity and work inclusively with every individual.


Foster a culture of impact innovation across all our activities.


Serve the community and protect the environment in which we work.


Conduct business ethically and adhere to the highest governance standards at every level of our operations.

Governance framework

Crescent Enterprises’ governance structure aims to achieve a comprehensive corporate governance framework that the company lives by. The company’s operations are steered by the Crescent Group Board of Directors, which monitors and reviews the governance practices of its subsidiaries. The direct management of the day-to-day activities of Crescent Enterprises rests with four committees and the Executive Board, each assigned a respective level of authority as defined by the company. The committees ensure continuous monitoring, review, and implementation of its policies and programmes.

Executive Board

Our Executive Board oversees our activities and those of our operating businesses. It performs strategic reviews, assesses capital resources, and approves key investments.

Badr Jafar

Chief Executive Officer


Neeraj Agrawal

Executive Director


Ravi Kumar

Executive Director

Tushar Singhvi

Deputy CEO & Head of Investments

Governance structure of Crescent Enterprises

Corporate Governance Chart
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