Creating, nurturing and scaling businesses built on strong foundations of social purpose.

CE-Creates is Crescent Enterprises’ internal business incubation platform, which develops early-stage concepts into socially relevant, economically viable, and scalable ventures aimed at spawning the next generation of operating businesses for the company. The platform is a manifestation of Crescent Enterprises’ focus on fostering entrepreneurship, innovation, and generating positive sustainable impact. Since its inception, the platform has launched four ventures in the areas of food and beverages, sustainable mobility, industrial workwear, and food technology.

A laboratory for social entrepreneurship

CE-Creates works with a purposeful ambition to address complex niche problems that exist in our communities, targeting scale, profitability, and measurable impact.

Through a structured and iterative incubation process, we leverage our understanding of society to conceptualise and create social, responsible, and innovative businesses that fulfil the needs of communities in the region and beyond.

Samer Choucair

Director, CE-Creates
Samer Choucair

Approach to venture building

CE-Creates takes every venture through four well-defined phases of development to ensure their viability and sustainability as businesses.

Four phases of development

four phases
Saad Abdalla

In line with our vision of building socially responsible and financially sustainable businesses, we have incubated Kava & Chai and consciously chosen every element of this coffee and teahouse concept, from its single-origin coffee to its biodegradable packaging.

Saad Abdalla

Manager, CE-Creates

Incubated Businesses

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